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Besides standard production, where we usually use AISI 304, 304L, 316L, 316Ti and 321 stainless steel, our company is developing a new productive line. We’ll use special raw material particularly suitable for manufacture where a high resistance to corrosion is requested.


This tube is specially treated through a process which polished the welding line and makes it completely smooth both externally and internally. It’s very used in the agroindustrial sector.


This tube differs from the standard one for a second phase of its productive process: furnace annealing. This step makes the tube ductile and therefore it’s suitable to be easily bent and shaped. This process also increase corrosion resistance.


During the standard productive cycle this tube is brushed to enhance the raw material’s brightness.


This product is characterized for a great aesthetic aspect that makes it suitable for “decorative” manufactures.Thanks to its resistance to corrosion it can be used for products on contact with water or acids.


This tube is characterized for its precious aesthetic aspect and for a great resistance against corrosion. It’s particularly used in furniture and nautical sectors.